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Shipment by rail


One of the most profitable ways of cargo delivery

The Rail Way shipments are one of the most profitable methods of delivery, as they have the cheapest rates and high quality.

There are following main priorities of Rail Way shipments:

- High throughput ability and carrying capacity ;

- Independency from the weather conditions, seasons and day or night times

- High regularity of the shipments

- Competitive rates

- High speed on long distances

By Rail Way we can offer to deliver your cargoes in 20’, 40’ DV/GP, HC, OT, FR containers as well as in the various types of wagons. Our worldwide agents control high quality and high speed re-loadings and arrivals to the destinations.

Please be informed that our company has the following advantages:

- the company GREEN LOGISTICS has own Rail Way codes on Kazakhstan territory ;

- we can get necessary permissions and necessary documents from the Rail Way for special cargoes ;

- we can offer non stop process of the transportation due to the weather conditions and times of day ;

- we are very high qualified in the Rail Way shipments

- we can offer the best quality

And one more important point – we understand our clients !