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Air transportation


Unique opportunity to get a full range of services

GREEN LOGISTICS Company would like to offer you a unique opportunity to have the whole specter of the Air Freight shipments services.

High qualified in the freight forwarding business, GREEN LOGISTICS Company would be glad to arrange shipments on the Door to Door basis from any place of the World to Kazakhstan and within the territory of Kazakhstan.

We offer the following types of the cargoes to be delivered by Air Freight:

      - the cargoes, which requires temperature regime, like fruits and vegetable and other foods;

      - general cargoes;

      - special cargoes, which requires any permissions

Especially for you we will arrange the cheapest route, all the necessary transportation and customs documents and insure your cargo.

We also would like to offer you the consolidation of your cargo with other cargoes for different consignees in order to reduce the rate of air freight shipment. Also we can arrange the Air shipments using the whole Aircraft by Charter air companies.

Co-operation with our company is the most flexible and reliable way for Air freight shipments. Your cargo will arrive safely at the destination in due time.

We will be glad to answer any your questions!

Our high qualified managers will be always at your service!