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We’ll deliver your cargo from any point of the World to Kazakhstan by any mode of transport 

The Green Logistics Company can deliver your cargo from any point of the World to Kazakhstan by any mode of transport: 

  • by Rail (containers, wagons, semi wagons, platforms) 
  • by Sea, Multimodal shipments 
  • By trucks (tilt 86m3, 100m3,110m3, 120 m3, by Reefer trucks) 
  • Consolidation of cargoes from Europe, CIS and China by trucks 
  • By Air 
  • By Air, Rail and Trucks from Almaty to any city of Kazakhstan 
  •  By tilt and Reefer trucks with the Almaty city limits 
  • delivery of deep frozen products

and Other advantages 

Since the beginning the Company Green Logistics has signed the contracts with the most leading freight forwarding agents  all over the World in Europe,  USA, in the CIS and Far East countries. 

Thereby the Company Green Logistics can offer competitive rates, quickest transit time and fast documents procedures at the ports and terminals and at the border crossings as well as smooth terms of payments. Such possibilities gave to the Company good opportunity to expand geography of our freight forwarding services. 


The Company Green Logistics has been established in 2000. 

Our team 

Our high qualified managers will assist you to choose the most convenient mode of transport for you and will keep you regular informed about movement of your cargo. 

The calculations of the rates are based on the analyze of the rates in the internal and international market , considering all specifics of the shipments and  type of the cargoes as well as kind of packages, temperature regimes and other aspects. 

Confidentiality, high quality, competitive rates and fast transit time - are our credo. 


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Our working hours 09:00 – 18:00 by the time of Nursultan 




Safety delivery in due time 

All our transport means arrive to the loading place in time 


Success & Efficiency 



The Company Green Logistics has many years experience in the freight forwarding 

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